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Clearwater Fishing Co offers tarpon fishing charters in various locations in Florida including Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Tampa Bay, and Boca Grande during the peak season of April through August.

Tarpon fishing is an exciting and challenging experience, as these fish are known for their acrobatic jumps and powerful runs. Clearwater Fishing Co provides top-quality gear and experienced guides who know the best spots to catch these fish. They offer both half-day and full-day charters, with the option of fishing inshore or offshore depending on your preference.

In addition to tarpon, these areas are also known for other game fish such as snook, redfish, and trout. Clearwater Fishing Co’s guides have a wealth of knowledge about the local waters and can provide a fun and educational fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels.

If you’re interested in booking a tarpon fishing charter with Clearwater Fishing Co, it’s recommended to book in advance as the peak season can get quite busy.

Common questions

When is Tarpon Season? Tarpon season will start in April and will peak during May, June, and July during the spawning season. Tarpon fishing will remain good into October.

Where are the charter done? My Tarpon Charters move based on the fishing throughout the season, most fishing is done out of the St.Pete area.

What time do we start fishing ? Tarpon fishing is heavily tidal dependent, hours of fishing will change based on the tide and type of charter.

How many Tarpon will we hook? Tarpon fishing is often like trophy hunting, and there is no grantees. Although depending on the size of the fish and time of year the fishing can be world-class and number will vary.

How long is a typical battle? Most fights will last anywhere from 20-40minuts with some being longer. We stress getting the Tarpon in fast as possible for the best chance of survival and to avoid sharks, which are common.

Can we keep a Tarpon? NO, Tarpon fishing is 100% Catch and Release,and any Tarpon over 40″ Must remain in the water for photos. We do are best to get the best shots of your trophy. Replica mounts can be made, and we work with the best taxidermist in the state of Florida, Grey’s taxidermy!

How big are the Tarpon ? Tarpon vary anywhere from hand size to two hundred plus pounds. Most Tarpon we catch are anywhere from 80-120 lbs. Along with Micro size Tarpon as well.


$1200 Full Day Only 

Rates are for 1-2 anglers. $150 for each additional. 

If you have any questions, text or call me directly at (727) 831-0111 or email me at simonetti_jared@ayhoo.com

Captain. Jared Simonetti

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