July Fishing Charter Report

July’s Fishing Charter Report for Clearwater Beach, St.Pete Beach, and Tampa bay has been a mixed bag of snapper, sharks, redfish, snook, trout, and a few others being caught. July is a Hot month and fishing can vary day to day depending on the heat and rain, but we are still Catching!!!

Clearwater beach area we have been targeting Snook, Redfish, and Trout and the action has been consistent with a few snook being caught, tons of trout, and good numbers of Redfish! We have typically been targeting snook in the early moring before the water gets to hot, then moving on to the trout and redfish depending on the tides.

Jon & Mike On a Tampa Clearwater Fishing trip with guide Capt.Jared

trout fishing guide safety harbor

St.Pete Beach we had a few good trips targeting Snapper and Sharks near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Snapper fishing during the summer months provides consistent action and plenty of table fair to take home for a fresh fish dinner! Sharks have been thick and aggressive. Most of the sharks we are targeting are in the 2′-5′ range.

Clearwater beach shark fishing charter guide


St.Pete Beach fishing charter catch fresh fish dinner on the beach

Tampa Bay fishing has also been steady with anglers catching Snook, Snapper, and trout while fishing out of the Gandy boat Ramp. Snook are still out of season but are awesome to target for hard pulling runs, and there wild jumps! Snapper are hanging around the bridge and we have been catching them during the slower tide periods. Trout have been tearing up the bait fish school over the grass flats and some days it can be almost every cast!!

Snook Captain Clearwater Florida Beach fishing guide tours

Trout on Tampa Bay Fishing Charter out of Sand Pearl Clearwater Beach



If you want to get a trip set up either call, text or email.

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June Fishing Charter Report

June’s fishing report for the Tampa bay, Clearwater Beach, St.Pete Beach area has been hot with action just like the weather! Summer is here and the warmer weather not only brings people to the beach, but it also brings the fish! Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout, Mackerel, Snapper, and Sharks have all been around.

In Tampa Bay Tarpon fishing has been good for smaller tarpon in the 5-20lb range. Live bait has been what we have mainly been fishing with, but these are awesome fish for the 8 weight fly rod and a small popper fly. We have been also been catching mangrove snapper in the bay, and these fish are excellent table fair. While they are on smaller side (10”-16”) they are abundant and they do put up a decent fight for there size. The snapper bag limit is 5 fish per person. Black Drum have also made a good showing in the TampaBay and there have been a few schools with 100-500 fish in the school. The black drum are Huge and will really test your tackle.

Tarpon Fishing Charter St.Pete beach florida with Capt.Jared

black drum fishing charter guide dunedin fl


Clearwater Beach has been packed with both people and Snook! Snook have made there annual visit out the the gulf beaches and passes to spawn. The snook have been stacked up together and have been eating live grunts on both incoming and outgoing tide. Sea trout have also been hanging in the passes and just off the gulf beaches. Shark fishing has also been productive on recent charters. We have been catching black tips, bonnet heads, Atlantic sharp noises, most have been in the 2-5′ range, and sharks offer great table fair! 

Girls caught shark while fishing in Tarpon Spring fl near Tampa Bay


St.Pete beach area has been producing good numbers of Tarpon fishing along the beaches and the Sunshine Skyway bridge. The tarpon have been BIG and most of these fish are over 100lbs!!! Tarpon fishing can take some patience to get one on, but once hooked up you are in for the fight of your life. In addition to tarpon there have been decent numbers of snook just off St.Pete beach and blinds pass area. Live bait free lined in the current is a great way to catch these linesiders.

Earl lands giant tarpon while on fishing charter trip with guide Capt.Jared

tarpon jump while fishing charter guide capt.jared

tarpon fish off clearwater st.pete beach

Tampa Tarpon fishing charters trip


Fishing will remain good throughout the summer months, so if you’re in the area and want to get out give me a call 727-831-0111…. Don’t forget we also do Scalloping charters in Homosassa, FL during July and August.


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May Fishing Charter Report Clearwater, Tampa, St.Pete Beach

May Fishing Charter Report for Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay, and St.Pete Beach area. Inshore and Nearshore the fish are biting!! Inshore Snook, Redfish, Trout, and Finally the Tarpon are all biting. Nearshore Snapper, Sharks, and Permit are around.

Clearwater Beach is getting ready for Summer vacation! Summer is here and everyone is heading for the beaches including the fish… Snook are out around the gulf beaches gathering up for Spawning season and are quite the fighters once hooked up. Snook season is closed currently, but make great catch and reason action. Redfish have been a around and in good numbers. The high tide has been best to catch these fish, and we have often been fishing for trout and snook while we wait for the tide to get to the right level.

Dr. With a big redfish for the clear water area

Tampa Bay’s Snook and Redfish bite has been has hot! Inside the bay snook are bunching back up for the spawn, and the redfish are schooled up as well make for some fun fishing. Snook have been averaging anywhere from 20”-30” with a few large biting as well. Redfish have been top of the slot size 27” or even as large as 36” and we are catching them in shallow water 2′ or less. Live bait and Cut bait have both been working well. Trout fishing has also be outstanding, and getting a few for a fresh fish dinner hasn’t been a problem.

Redfish caught in St.petersburg florida with Capt.Jared on half day fishing charter trip

St.Pete Beach fishing has been providing plenty of action for anglers visiting this area. Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, trout, and sharks have all been around and willing to bite over the last few weeks. Tarpon fishing is starting to get good, the fish were a little late this year, but they are finally here and the bite is getting better daily. Tarpon fishing trips are limited to only one trip per day as it is a full day charter. Snook, Redfish, and Trout are also providing a steady bite on the inshore flats around ft.desoto park. Live sardine have been abundant and the fish are willing to strike. If you have kids the small sharks have been around they they loving them! Give me a call if you want to get out

June is just a few days away, and the Tarpon Fishing trips are going too be Good!!! If you haven’t caught the Silver King yet June and July are your chance to tangle with this beast from the sea. Tarpon fishing charters during June and July are only full day charters. Permit fishing will also be good for any angler looking to catch one of these trophy fish.

Tarpon Boat side with capt.Jared while on fishing guide charter trip in Clearwater Beach, Fl


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April Fishing Charter Report – Tampa, Clearwater, St.Pete Beach

   April’s Fishing Charter Report For the Tampa Bay, Clearwater beach, and St.Pete Beach area is Good!!!! Just about everything is biting right now, and the Big Tarpon are on the way! Snook, Redfish, Trout, Mackerel, Kingfish, Triple tail, Cobia and many more are keeping anglers busy as of lately!
Brooklynn Big redfish fishing on tour in clearwater beach florida
Inside Tampa bay Snook and Redfish have been the hot targets for my anglers fishing the last two weeks. We have had so extreme winds, and a cold front, but the fish have still been biting good. Live sardines have been abundant in the area right now so the fish are biting well. Live bait has been the key to our success, and having plenty of bait is key. We have been either free lining or using a bobber with the sardines this week and the fish have been biting both. Snook are on the move but once located they are willing to bite. The redfish have been on most flats, but having high water has been the best to lacate them. Some day it takes to some time to find them, but once located the action can be solid for an hr or two!!
kids fishing guide tour st.pete clearwater beach
Snook fishing trip guided charters in Safety harbor florida
Big Redfish on afternoon fishing trip in Clearwater, Fl.
Over on the Gulf side King fish, Mackerel, Triple tail, Trout, and Redfish have come to the boat on recent charters. In Clearwater beach area we caught trout, redfish, and triple tail fishing around the barrier islands using live and dead bait, and down south in St.Pete I was able to catch plenty of Kingfish, and Mackerel slow trolling live bait near Egmount Shipping channel while in Sight of the Don Ceasar on St.Petersburg Beach. Now is the time to get out with family, friends and co workers for great fishing and even better memories!
Redfish trip out of Safety Harbor, Fl fishing guide charter
Kids fishing charter tour trout fishing tirp
Fresh Fish dinner after charter in Safety harbor, fl
Summer is just around the corner and hotels and Fishing Guides are going to book up fast so now is the time to get both booked. If you are looking to book a Tarpon fishing charter, Homosassa Scalloping charter, or a Family fishing adventure this summer give me a call, text or email. – Capt.Jared  (727)831-0111
Big Tarpon Head caught in CLW, FLSt.Pete Beach Tarpon fish Guide river crystal scallop charters scallop trips charter homosassa
Family fishing charter tour for up to 6 clearwater tampa st.pete beachTampa Clearwater Fishing Charter

March Fishing Charter Report Inshore Tampa/Clearwater

March has had outstanding weather besides the few days of wind we experienced the first couple of days of the month. Snook have been the main target, but redfish, and trout were still caught on most trips this month. April is halfway booked, so if you want to get out call now.Snook fishing has been great with the warm weather and plenty of bait as of lately. Most of the Snook have been 22″-26″ and there is a good abundance of them in the Tampa Bay area. We are also catching a few slot Snook as well. The slot limit in the Tampa Bay area is 28″-33″ with 1 per angler, abs we try and limit are Snook to 1 per boat. Snook are also starting to move in the Clearwater Beach area, and will be stacked up on the beaches in just a few short weeks. If you want to catch Snook now  is the time!

Redfish have been around and we are catching all sizes right now, and they are eating everything shrimp, dead bait, live bait, artificial. Tides have been crucial to our success and we have been catching some big reds over the slot in the low 30″ range. Redfish will be abundant throughout Pinellas county waters for the next couple of months.

Trout have still been biting good and catching limits for the dinner table haven’t been a problem on 95% of trips lately. With the warmer Temps coming the trout are starting to thin out in the areas we are targeting right now.

Black drum have also made an appearance and we have caught a few this month using jigs. Triple tail are also around if you keep and eye out while running you may see one.

Tarpon season is just around the corner and we will start to fish for tarpon in the next few weeks. May, June, July are prime tarpon season and we will only be fishing one trip a day, or one at night. Please get with me for more information.

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Kids Fishing Trips over Spring Break 2017!!!
kid fishing charters clearwater beach kids fishing charter clearwater beach kids fishing charter tampa bayTampa clearwater snook fishing guide charter

Feb. 2/25/17 Fishing Charter Report – Clearwater Beach / Tampa Bay

Fishing Charters in both Clearwater beach and in Tampa Bay have been highly productive as Spring has arrived. Air Temps have been in the high 70’s and and water temp has been in the high 60’s and fast approaching the 70’s perfect for fishing and beach days! The last 2 weeks have been Trout, Snook, and Redfish for my charter trips.

Trout fishing season is winding down, but for anglers looking to keep some fish for dinner we have been catching limits of trout before moving on to other species. Live bait and Artificial lures are both working. Trout will remain around in the area, but we will start focusing on more snook and redfish in Clearwater/Tampa area during March and April.

tampa fly fishing charters

clearwater beach fishing charter trout

Dunedin fishing charters


Snook fishing is starting to turn really good in Tampa bay and the fish are starting to move out of the back waters and are ready to feed! Snook are like bass on Steroids and they put up an awesome fight. Most of the fish over the last two weeks have been in the mid 20″ range, and some bigger fish should be showing up any day.

tampa clearwater fishing charters

clearwater beach fishing charter snook clearwater fishing charter snook st.pete beach fishing charters

Redfish have flooded the Clearwater beach area, and are also abundant in the St.Pete beach and in Tampa bay. Redfish are bulldogs of fishing and the fight is second to none! These shallow water game fish are awesome to target when they are schooled up and feeding heavy. Fishing for reds does take some patience as the fish are in shallow water and are often spooky, but once located and fished probably the results are awesome! Redfish bite will remain good till October.

Clearwater beach fishing charters

Clearwater beach best fishing charter


Give me a call if you want to get out and do some fishing!!!

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Febuary Fishing Charter Report – Clearwater / Tampa Bay

2017 Fishing Report – January

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!    I first want to thank everyone that fished with me in 2016 and years prior, and I am looking forward to fishing with many of you again this year. Trout, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Jacks, Cobia, Triple Tail, Sharks, Permit, and many more fish will be caught this year, and many more memories will be made, Also in 2016  I received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor! Again I want to thank everyone, and now back to the fishing…

Trout fishing has been the main target lately with the wired warm winter we are having. The temperature has been in the high 70’s and 80’s, so if its freezing up north come on down to sunny Florida and lets go trout fishing! We have been catching a lot of quality size fish on artificial lures, but for anglers that want live bait shrimp have been working well.

Dunedin Fishing charters

Clearwater beach fishign charter

Triple tail fishing has still been good off  Clearwater beach, and on calm days we have been making the run to look for them. This is also a great way to see the Dolphins for anyone that would like to see the awesome animals!

Clearwater fishing charter




Let’s Go Fishing!


Capt.Jared Simonetti



Clearwater Fishing Charter Report – December

December Fishing Report

December fishing has been awesome with warm winter we have been having here in Clearwater beach, Fl. Trout, Triple Tail, Redfish, mackerel and many more have been caught over the last couple of weeks, and to top it off it has been 70 degrees and Sunny!


Trout fishing has been outstanding for the last couple of weeks, and it should remain good throughout the month. Most of the trout we have been catching have been keepers and make great table fair if you decide to keep a few for dinner!  These fish have been biting on both live and artificial bait fish and are a great fight on light tackle.

clearwater fishing charters


Triple tail fishing has good for the anglers willing to invest the time to find them. There hasn’t been many but they have been large. Triple tail fishing should improve as the month goes on. These fish have been biting on live shrimp and small flies.  We do have fly rods for anyone wanting to fly fish!

Clearwater beach fishing guide


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November Fishing Charter Report

Was gone for the the fist half of the month, but I’m back and have gotten to do a few charters, so here is a report for both Tampa bay, and Clearwater beach area. Trout have moved in good, redfish are biting, and the mackerel run is in full swing!

In Clearwater area the trout fishing has gotten even better with the colder weather moving in and the fish bunching up. The trout bite will remain good all winter and will be a main target. Most of the trout on recent charters this week were in the 18″ range with a few larger. Live sardines are still around and working well.

Clearwater beach fishing charter tour

Swede, Lynn, Russ with a nice limit of fish for Thanksgiving!

Redfish have broken up into smaller schools from the previous month, but are around for the anglers looking to knock that off the bucket list. Most the the redfish have been slot size 18″-27″. Live sardines, and live shrimp are working well.

Clearwater beach fishing charter

Double header Redfish and Trout!


Mackerel both Spanish and King are just off the beaches eating any bait fish in sight. If the weather allows we have been running just off the beach targeting these fish.

Clearwater fishing charter


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October Fishing Charter report

Fall Fishing is here and it’s GOOD!!!!! October is an outstanding month to fish with great weather here in the Clearwater/Tampa area. Redfish, Snook, Trout, Mackerel, King mackerel are the targets this month plus a few extra, and there will be some really nice fish caught on the upcoming charters this month..

clearwater fishing charter boat


Redfish have been a main target over the month of September here in the Tampa bay area, and  the action it will only improve as we get further into October. The fish will starting schooling up in good number in preparation for the spawn. This makes for great action once the fish are found. These fish can be some of the biggest caught all year!

Clearwater fishing charters


Snook fishing is getting good as the water cools down, and the fish are moving into there winter areas. Snook bite will be good during the rest of october and into the first half of november. These hard fighting fish know where they live, and will break you off if you aren’t quick enough.. The are much like a saltwater bass, but will a little more fight.

clearwater fishing charterboat


Trout fishing has been GREAT!!! Trout are biting good the on the morning charters fishing with live sardines and a bobber over grass bottom in the 4′-6′ range. Most of the trout have been between 14″-19″, but a few larger have been caught recently. Trout fishing is a great way to spend the morning with no pressure.

Dunedin Fishing Charters


Mackerel Both Spanish and King have been around and will pull some drag if you are looking for a good fight! Clearwater beach area is a great place to both both of these speedy fish as they migrate up and down the gulf beaches in both the spring and fall following bait schools. We have been targeting these fish on the nearshore reefs just a few miles of the beaches. The mackerel run will last into December. Let me know if you want to target some of these on your next fishing charter!

clearwater beach fishing chartersclearwaters best fishing charter

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Sept. Fishing Charter Report – Clearwater Beach -Tampa Bay

Sept. Fishing Charter Fishing Report – Clearwater Beach -Tampa Bay, Florida


September Fishing has been good in Clearwater beach and Tampa bay for anglers looking to get out and do some charter fishing! Redfish, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, and Mangrove snapper have provide anglers plenty of action as of lately..!

Clearwater fishing charter

Redfish have moved into the Clearwater harbor area, and have provided consistent action over the last couple of days. Most of the fish have been lower to mid slot size in the area and are perfect for that “blackened Redfish” recipe! The slot limit on Redfish in our area is 1 per person, and 18”-27”. the Redfish action will be good throughout October!!



Snook season is now open, and the Snook are on the move in Tampa Bay! Most of the have finished spawning and are ready to feed if you can find them! The Snook bite has been decent, but but outstanding, but for anglers looking to target only Snook the action can be had, and once the fish are found the wait can be worth it! Snook season will be open until November 30th. The size limit is 28”-33” 1 per. Person.

Clearwater fishing charters


Nearshore fishing has been great for Mackerel, Bluefish, and snapper over the past week and the action should remain good throughout the rest of September. Both fish provide good steady action for the families and friends alike, and provide good table fair if you decide to take a few fish home for dinner!!

Clearwater beach fishing charter


Tight lines,

Capt. Jared